• Whole Brain Learning School

    What did Albert Einstein, Beethovan and Leonardo
    Da Vinci have in common? They all had extraordinary
    imagination and visual power tapped from their right
    brain and combined that with logical thinking with
    left brain.

    “Imagination is more important than Knowledge”

    Albert Einstein.

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Our Credo

To enrich the process of learning, adhering to true Indian Values and to empower the aspirants to meet the burgeoning global demands.


Dr. Maria Montessori, Physician, Anthropologist and Pedagogue, studied children of all racial, cultural and socio-economic backgrounds for over fifty years.

Co Scholastics

The phenomenal feature of our school is the multiple thinking skills lab - the Brain Gym. Students will be engaged in a gamut of interesting .

Non Scholastics

TWGIS NSA is intended to provide healthy and refreshing ways to make the process of learning goes beyond curricular activities.


The Western Ghats International School embodies the spirit of freedom, success and integrity. A whole new experience is presented with an array of unique features for the studenst to learn and aim hingher pursuing his / her own traits and to enjoy happiness unbridled.

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