• Fees may be paid Online – banking hassles avoided!!
  • Our Presence on Facebook will be enhanced to near real time. Photos and reports of activities, events, etc, will be posted periodically, so that all interested may download.
  • Comprehensive management software installed to integrate the daily operations.
  • Quick and accurate transmission of circulars to parents by SMS enhanced.
  • Absentee Attendance promptly intimated to parents by SMS.
  • CCTV Surveillance for security and safety of children.
  • High Definition Learning Lab with touch screen monitor and high end Projectors to project digital content repertoire.
  • Interactive digitalized subjects with educatiing videos, animations, slide shows and web links for reference.
  • Subjects DVDs for home learning.
A well-stocked library of tomes of diverse subjects as well as fiction of classic and contemporary vintage to whet the appetite for reading and knowledge. A generous array of magazines, periodicals and reference books allow students and teachers alike to keep abreast of the latest developments in every field.
On the sports front,there is facility for hockey, soccer, cricket(nets), a rifle shooting range, an archery range, basketball and tennis courts and indoor sports. The Western Ghats International School also has a splash pool with a bamboo shower. Exclusively for the Mont children , there is a sand pit and outdoor play equipments.
The transport facility extensively covers South Coimbatore serving the needs of students residing along and around the three major arterial roads – Pollachi Road, Palakkad Road and Perur Road.
Lunch and mid morning snacks provided by the school will serve a three-fold purpose.
  • Mothers will say goodbye to a major headache every morning!
  • Students will be taught wholesome, healthy eating habits and manners.
  • Students will enjoy hot,freshly-prepared food items of Pan-India and International flavour.
A truly wonderful residential facility (with full boarding and weekly boarding options) for the students is established.
Our Advantage
The Western Ghats International School embodies the spirit of freedom, success and integrity. A whole new experience is presented with an array of unique features for the students to learn and aim higher pursuing his/her own traits and to enjoy happiness unbridled.

  • The teaching learning process focuses on application-based learning, experiential learning, tactile learning, skill based learning and does not rely on tedious homework,rote memory,exam stress and mark oriented learning.
  • Exciting and enterprising activities namely daily worksheets, weekly activities, monthly projects, field trips, hobby clubs and adventurous sports-Golf, Archery, Swimming, Rifle Shooting, Horse Riding and more!!
  • Intensive Skill Development Programme (SDP) on 4R’s – Reading, Writing, Arithmetic and Handwriting and special emphasis on English Communication.
  • Home Tests are given during weekends with challenging,thought provoking questions to be done on the open book system.
  • Thorough Lesson Transaction:Student seminars, group discussions and debates are carried out at the conclusion of every lesson to further strengthen the learning.
  • Experimental Learning of science and maths through exclusive working models at school from Grade I
  • A Hi-tech Systems for children’s safety and academic activities.
  • GREENPOLIS – the green campus to nurture nature and conserve energy.
  • Passionate and high caliber Teachers led by a visionary Principal and mentioned by a Corporate HR Professional.
  • Value Education enlightened by exclusive modules.
  • Periodical Consultation by Nutritionist, Child Psychologist, Ophthalmologist, Dentist and Physiotherapist.
  • Foundation courses for IIT JEE and AIEEE from Grade IX
  • Weekly Boarding facility for local students and full Boarding for NRI’s children with world class facilities from 2015 – 2016.
  • Nutritious Lunch and snacks for all students.
  • Read with Zest Fest: All students assemble to read the day’s THE HINDU-IN-SCHOOL Newspaper
  • The Unique Computer course ensures that ICT is taught only as practicals and not just theory.
  • A Novel features ensures Mont children take home a library book for the weekend.