The campus at The Western Ghats International School is conceived to provide the advantages of a green environment where students are imbibed to study and conserve the nature. Nestled in the abundance of a natural backdrop, the campus is exuding the grace of green for the students to settle in an inspiring ambience to learn and value the Planet Earth. The inspiration we gained from the precious eco-system preserved in the Western Ghats is clearly reflected in every green concept adapted in the campus. From Bio-diversity Pond, Butterfly Park, Pets’ Habitat to an aromatic Herbal Garden and Bio-nursery, the elements of nature are kept in place for the coming generations to inspire and value. Besides, providing the contemporary curriculum of learning, we are also striving to create awareness of the world around our students.
Exuding the grace of nature!   Sustainable building   Valuing the eco-system
  • Nurture nature and conserve energy.
  • Built from recycled materials.
  • Use renewable energy systems.
  • Maximize efficiency in electricity, water usage and cooling.
  • Use 30 percent less energy.
  • 30 to 50 percent less water.
  • Reduce carbon dioxide emissions by 40 percent.
  • Most spaces offer natural ventilation and the windows have geo-thermal cooling.
  • Window boxes with planters ensures oxygen rich air within the classroom.
  • Light shelves are introduced to reduce heat and glare.
  • Reclaimed water is used to irrigate the landscaping made up of native plants.
  • An underground detention system reduces storm water run off.
  • Rain water harvesting system that can be supervised by students.