Smt. Hemalatha Sashikumaar

Montessori Directress cum Correspondent
Diploma in Elementary Montessori, Indian Montessori Centre (IMC), Bangalore

‘ Parent’s love is a lifetime love for children -
a love that cannot be comprehended.’

As a parent, I’d like to share an incident from my life, a surprising revelation from my little daughter years back that sowed the seed for what has become ‘The Western Ghats International School’.

When she was a 2 year old, we were on a family trip to a hill station. As a mom, I persuade my daughter to have her lunch by creating “A pink elephant family story” by showing the mountains, dam, animals, etc.

When she was a 4 year old, we had a chance to go the same place with our family friends. I was astonished to listen to my daughter narrating the similar PINK ELEPHANT story while she was helping a 2 ½ year old baby of our family friend.

She was able to recall and narrate the story which was told to her when she was at the age of two. Infact, it was a turning point in my life and questions arises in my mind,

“How does the child able to recall a story after two years?” With this question in my mind, I started to observe other children and my perception towards children changedaltogether…yes they are curious…. they are unique…. text books are not enough for these little giants….they should go beyond textbooks.

Will these current ‘CHALK AND TALK’ method and a teacher centric education system satisfy the burning curiosity of the children ?

Am I going to impose the same old method on my smart child too ?

I strongly believe that the whole human being should not be wrapped into just numbers-ranks, marks and also limited to textbooks as well. The world is open and opportunities are immense. Innovations are transforming our lives. With this strong conviction, my dream for ALTERNATIVE SCHOOLING bloomed with LOVE FOR CHILDREN and EDUCATION FOR LIFE.