The Western Ghats International School, one of the top CBSE Montessori stress free schools, is serenely located at the foothill of the picturesque Western Ghats at Coimbatore, Tamilnadu, India.

Do you know?

Children do not grow like trees! the needs from the stage of seed to tree remain the same.

But children grow like butterflies, the needs from the stage of pupa to butterfly doesn’t remain the same. Like the colourful butterflies, each and every child is unique, the needs of the children differ at different stages.

To cater the needs of children in different stages like butterflies, The Western Ghats International School offers stress-free Montessori learning classrooms which follows the philosophy of Dr. Maria Montessori and CBSE curriculum to CELEBRATE LEARNING where children can ‘learn to explore’ and ‘explore to learn’.


  • Managed directly by experienced academicians Dr. Sashi Kumaar Samraj and Mrs. Hemalatha Sashikumaar
  • School caringly established by these Parents for the children of progressive parents
  • Pioneers in south India to implement Elementary Montessori upto grade 6
  • Think rooms, Research and follow up rooms and Skill based Education blended with CBSE curriculum from grade 7 to grade 10
  • A revolutionary Democratic System for students to own their responsibilities
  • Ideal teacher - student ratio of 1:15
  • Exclusive Life Skills and Leadership programme
  • Insightful co-scholastic activities like Yoga, Dance, French, etc.
  • Enlightening clubs like Entrepreneur club, History club, Space club, etc.
  • Enticing courses on Aero-modelling, Robotics, Helen-o-Grady English drama, etc.
  • Exotic zones like Amphitheatre for drama, Treetop classroom, naturalist Outdoor classroom, etc.
  • Exciting Non-Scholastics activities like Archery, Rifle shooting, Billiards, Skating, etc.Outdoor sports like Basket-ball, Tennis, Hockey, Cricket, Football, etc.


Whatever your child’s age, call us to talk about your goals, or to arrange a tour of our Montessori school. Wemay be just the home you’re looking for, absolutely with an alternative methodology, you cherish forever.


anytime, and explore the world we’ve created for your child.